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Madison was incorporated in December 1889 under the Borough form of government in which a mayor serves for a four-year term and six council members are elected at large to three-year terms. All elected officials serve as volunteers without pay. The terms are staggered so that two council members are elected each year. Both the mayor and council members are part-time positions and are not paid. A full-time administrator is appointed to handle the day-to-day management of the government.

The municipal government’s mission is to build a friendly, attractive, safe, well-maintained community where businesses prosper, public services and educational opportunities excel, history is preserved and citizens live in good health and harmony.


One of the key tools in accomplishing Madison’s mission is good communication. The RoseNet Fiber Optic Network, based at the Madison Public Library, connects individuals, families, government, businesses, schools and community groups and provides citizens with timely, up-to-date, comprehensive information about all that is going on in Madison via high-speed Internet access. Check out

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